A website (and mobile app) designed to be completely useless

CatHacks VI Digital Hackathon Submission

You can also download the APK for the Android app (created using Thunkable) within this repository (called 'A Useless App.apk')

What is this site?

This is a website designed to be completely useless. What does this mean? Well, just because the site is useless doesn't mean there isn't content on the page, or that there's nothing to do.

Within the website you'll find the following present:

Useless Chat

A chat app designed to be completely useless, meaning you cannot message other people, and your messages are not saved between sessions. This is to ensure that the app is completely useless, yet still functional

Useless Shop

A page dedicated to an empty online shop. Any shop that contained items for purchase would be useful, therefore we have created one that does not contain any items. There is an area where the user may search for an item, which always returns 0 items found, since there are 0 items available for purchase on the entire site.

Useless Info

From useless graphs to facts that cannot be applied in the real world, you'll find plenty of information that is useless to any user who comes across it.

Loading Screen

For those of you that just love loading screens and hate when they're finished loading, an infinite loading screen can be found on the site.

Useless Support Page

To prevent anyone from actually reaching out for support (such would be a useful feature) we have included a form for users to fill out where they may detail their needs, only for the data to be deleted right as they enter it. This is to prevent a user from actually finding anything useful on the site.

Technologies Used


  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap 4.4
  • Javascript

Android App:

  • Thunkable (app is as a webview, completely installable on Android devices)

Why Consider This Project?

Most Useless Hack

The entire website was built around a vision of being the most useless website/app available. While there are many different parts to the web app, there is actually very little useful things to do on it. Many of the features technically work, but have been modified to be useless (for example, the useless chat where you can only talk to yourself).

Best Domain Registered With

The domain: Is funny, relevant, and a clever use of the .online TLD

Best Solo Hack

This project was made entirely by myself during this event. Therefore, it may be considered for the Best Solo Hack.

Contact Info

Jeremie Bornais jere_mie#9432 (Discord)

Built With

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