The Project is heavily inspired by API Evangelist.

What it does

This project consists of four things-

  • APIs
  • Slack and Twilio Bots
  • Complementary Web App
  • Easy to Follow Documentation

APIs: APIs grouped into Nine collections that can be used by developers in web and mobile app development projects. The APIs require little to No-Auth.

Bots: A total of 10 bots (Developers Hack) ready to use by developers to improve their productivity and life. It includes slack, Twilio, and Gmail Bots.

WebApp: A complimentary web app to navigate to different APIs available in the Postman workspace and self wrote blogs about the APIs and easy to follow instructions to set up and get started with the APIs. (developed this web app for fun) Useful APIs and Bots

How we built it

Developed Using Postman and Lots of Open Source APIs coffee and code

Challenges we ran into

It was tough. I spent 1hr almost every night! Documentation. Writing Documentation in Postman is time-consuming. sometimes it lags and does not follow Github or medium markup specifications. I literally developed a web app for documentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am sure the judges and developers will love the project. I have tried to make the project as informative and useful and valuable as possible.

What we learned

honestly, I have always preferred Curl and chrome / Firefox DevTools over Postman. Not ANymore. The New Workspace along with monitors and the mock server is literally amazing. I love it.

What's next for Useful APIs and Bots

  • Will Add More Machine learning APIs and ML-based Bots to help other developers.
  • Will Create APIs of my own along with specifications
  • Depends on how much attention does the Workspace Receives.

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