All of the websites and resources I included in this project are free to use. I'm not advertising for any of these.


I originally have the habit of saving websites that are useful for me. I kept track of them in a list, then I realized the list starts growing and growing, while it begins to be unorganized and not useful anymore. Therefore, I always would like to make or have a website like this, that gathers all the resources I collected prior into one big application.

What it does

Useful gathers and categories all sorts of powerful resources. The categories include podcast, website making, essay writing, book, learning etc. It saves the user so much time from searching all the search engines just to find some resources they need.

How I built it

The coding languages I used are HTML and CSS. I used QOOM as my code editor for this time.

Challenges we ran into

I was not fluent in Github when I started this project. Therefore, it caused me to run into some problems. Yet luckily, I figured all the things out, and now I’m more familiar with Github :]

Accomplishments that I’m proud of

I’m really proud of the existence of this project haha. I won’t even imagine prior, I can build this project within less than 18 hours.

What I learned

I absolutely learnt a lot of coding knowledge, for example, the parallax scrolling effect, the image gallery layout, and so much more. Furthermore, this project also taught me there’s nothing impossible. You put your best time, skill, and attitude into it; the final product will always turn up satisfied.

What's next for Useful

After the hackathon, I would really like to push the boundary for myself and this project a little bit by fulfilling it with more resources, and hopefully to make this an even more useful website.

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