_Our inspiration was covid infected world where patients with needs for physiotherapy could not attend their prescripted sessions and hence their healthcare was infected _

What it does

The basic idea is to create a website with physiotherapy exercises for patients with various needs. It is a complex mixture of healthcare needs and the modern technologies available to us.

How we built it

The wireframe of the website was built on Figma. Python scripts were used to execute functions as needed such as accessing mediapipe library or processing video data.

Challenges we ran into

Humans are not born to be still, people shift around, get closer to the camera for a better look, and it is hard to keep our heads in one place. In order to accurately determine muscle movement from image data, we not only needed to normalize all our measurements, but we also needed to make design considerations that would incentivize the user to hold still and face into the camera for the entirety of the exercise. And we were unable to get accurate results for drooling face which is also a symptom of Bell's Palsy. For the hand training exercises, it was not easy to detect and train hands and we didn't have appropriate data. And to manage all of this with our exams going on was surely a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments: we have a prototype and wireframe ready for our website. We have a working code, which could benefit many people. We all have worked hard to put as many physiotherapy exercises as possible in our code which can be extended even further in the future

What we learned

We learned to collaborate as a team and develop something with the effort of all. We learned to use Google's mediapipe, opencv and various python libraries. We also learned how to get through technologies we'd never used before.

What's next for PHYSIOLOGIK

  1. This can further incorporate full-body physiotherapy
  2. Social App incorporation
  3. Website with real-time tracking and exercise monitors for doctors and patients

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