We do this to help patients, researchers and health care professionals to get access to smarter data in a simple way, bringing simplicity to the growing amounts of data and its complexity. We are on a mission to help find better and faster cures against COVID-19 (and other diseases).

What it does

We will make available an OpenData/OpenAccess online platform that patients, researchers, healthcare professionals and policy makers can use to build and mine COVID-19 knowledge graphs. Hopefully helping find a cure, FAST! This could mean finding patient groups that recovered better than others and apply this globally, find potential therapies that work really well and make them even better, be able to see which specific populations/phenotypes are at risk and help to better and more efficiently take care of them. Drug repurposing and precision medicine driven by smarter data is at the core of this initiative.

How I built it

We started this last week with a small team and we will build on this at the hackathon, also keeping it alive after this and keep growing the amounts of data, its quality and usefulness. Our business model is that this is an open free to use access platform but once professionals want to use this to merge internal data, they will have to pay. A B2B concept we already apply successfully for pharma companies building a sustainable business model and being able to support the open data platform without needing grants or other money but self contain it.

Challenges I ran into

Opening up data, anonymizing patient data, quality of data, good use cases, early adopters who understand data and science, ...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First of all, I left my golden cage in pharma and started my own company that is doing very well ... but even more we help patients that were hopeless with the right clinical trial, connect to a key opinion leader, find potential new cures, speed up drug discovery ... by democratizing access to data in a secure way and helping them get access to information that helps find them better cures faster.

What I learned

It is a tough journey but we often get goosebumps when we help patients with data. Having a WHY and passion to help patients, is what keeps me going, and hopefully my team. I learned you have to be very persistent, have great perseverance and be able to surround you with great people.

What's next for Use FAIR data & AI plugins to find cures against COVID-19

Make the COVID-19 Knowledge Graph globally available for other cures and patients, ultimately be able to connect personal data in a secure and ethically correct way so your data tells you what to do before you get sick. Data driven preventive care would be great, prevent rather than cure by securely using smarter data in a knowledge graph combining it with the latest research data to get the right insights at the right time, not when it's too late.

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