It is important for farmers and managers to have a comprehensive overview of the fruit growth in USA based on different counties. Helping people to get this overview was the major inspiration for developing this application.

What it does

It generates interactive choropleth map of USA showing areas under fruit growth for each county.

How I built it

I cleaned the data provided by NASS. Combined PHP, Leaflet Web Mapping library, jQuery and JavaScript to develop this application.

Challenges I ran into

Choropleth maps are useful tools to provide visual maps based on some specific themes. The more complete the data, the more visually beautiful maps. Cleaning the data for this purpose was the major challenge I had.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Designing everything from base and combining all libraries and functions to develop this awesome application is what I am proud of.

What I learned

I learned lots of things about USA fruit growing industry while developing this application. Getting involved in this project also challenged my knowledge of GIS and Web Map programming.

What's next for USDA: sustainable US food system

If I get the useful data, I can extend this application for those data. Some of the ideas include: Human Geographic Data, Landuse Data, Soil Type, Weather, Precipitation, Education and so on.

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