FarmVis is an farm management application that gets farmers the information they need. It aggregates data from the USDA and numerous other sources to provide actionable information and hopefully create a a sustainable U.S. food system during a time of climate change and extreme weather patterns. It uses data from USDA NASS QuickStats, VegScape, CropScape, NOAA, and Nexrad live weather.


I wanted to build something to put data into the hands of farmers and researchers to help create a sustainable U.S. food system.

What it does

Allows a user to analyze/compare crop yields and consumer demand over time and on a map.

How I built it

Primarily used NodeJS and the MEAN stack.

Challenges I ran into

Too much data! I ran out of space on my 500GB Macbook from building all the map tiles for VegScape and CropScape.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Rendering a very fast county level choropleth of NASS data. It works on mobile too!

What I learned

A lot! Particularly where crops are grown, how vegetation changes over time, and how U.S agriculture works

What's next for FarmVis

Adding more data and improving the UX

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