Almost, everyone in USC books a library room either for discussion or for a meeting. The problem with this is that every one has to go through the website and go through the time consuming process of finding one room and booking the room. It is very tiresome to go through all the steps to find just a room.

What it does

Just say Alexa, Ask USC library to book a room!, and there you are, just tell Alexa the details and you have your room booked.

How we built it

Built using the Alexa console with Node.JS as the backend and python used for getting the data from USC Libraries.

Challenges we ran into

There exists no API for USC libraries. So, we have gone through the website, identified the calls needed to make the request from a client which took a very long time to do so.

Working with Alexa was very tough as for every minor modification, it needs time to build and deploy.

Also, users need not say the same sentence, they can say any sentence with the same intent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Worked with Amazon Alexa Able to extract data from a website by creating our own API

What we learned

Working with Amazon Alexa

What's next for Alexa, book a room!

As of now, there are lot of inconsistency, we need to make it consistent.

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