In East Asia, people had believed rabbit which is callded USAGI in Japan live in moon. We imagined that rabbits had moved from moon to various planets include Earth, and they live in those planets. The planet RABBIN is one of those planets and is stage in our game.

What it does

Our skill is game that users help rabbits go to the moon by making rocket. The users play game below:

  1. Exploring in cave Users explore in dark to search stone which is material of racket. Also, users know magic word for taking off rocket when users get 8 special stone which is called “kotoba no ishi”. (“kotoba no ishi” means stone of Magic word.)
  2. Making carrot Users make carrot by 2 hour per one action. The carrots is required of taking off racket.

How we built it

We use node.js in AWS lamda with S3 and Dynamo DB.

Challenges we ran into

We try multimodal and experience premium time with ISP.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making premium experience with ISP in our game.

What we learned


What's next for USAGI MONOGATARI

We will try more premium experience in the skill.

Built With

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