The Story of this Project

This project was partly inspired by the inconveniences people often face when encountering unexpected weather. This often leads to situations like not having an umbrella, or wearing too few/too many layers. US Weather Search hopes to remedy this by giving a quick concise weather forecast for the current time, using data from the National Weather Service.

We used Nominatim API to gather location data from the inputted cities. This location data will give the latitude and longitude values to be passed through Python functions that use the NWS's API to gather forecasts for that area. Using JavaScript, data is inputted, and a response is placed on the website for the user to see.

The deployment of the website required help from multiple mentors, and connecting front and back ends took plenty of time. However, it was overcoming these very roadblocks that gave us the most pride in our project.

This was a very informative experience in developing the front end of applications, and tying it to our front end. It was new for everybody and so working through the issues that came from that together was very fruitful.

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