The project is a proof of concept of doing staking using just went on Polygon mainnet, the next step is to allow staking. This product is a demo of that.

What it does

Unlike other protocols that have stocks, does not use derivatives but real underlying assets registered on the stock exchange. provides proof of reserves on stocks and ETFs.

Inpired by, it allows the user to stake his US Stocks and ETFs. By staking it, he can mint USDS stable coin as loan.

Following is the liquation process - the CDB is called Liquitys in this scenario

  • Using Chainlink automation - initate Liquitys smart contract
  • Liquitys notices that you have a margin call using Chainlink price feed
  • Liquitys calls smart contract to liquidate your equity
  • sell your stocks and ETFs as quickly as possible (within seconds)
  • funds Liquitys broker account with fiat USD dollars.
  • Liquitys can transfer the money to exchange where it's traded for USDS USDS is burned

How we built it

Two separate project where made to do this. We build the staking mechanism into, this early prototype We build the Liquitys smart contract and website Both are Solidity and Typescript project It uses Chainlink Pricefeeds and should use Chainlink automation to monitor prices, but we ran out of time

Challenges we ran into

We have been busy getting to Polygon mainnet so we only had 2 days to fully concentrate on this. It meant we had to pick and choose what we could implement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For 2 days we are happy with a prototype and a proof of concept.

What's next for US Stocks & ETFs as stable coin

We would like to continue with the development of the staking mechanisms, we believe it can bring great value into the blockchain world, extend the developer ecosystem with new CDP protocols and extend current protocols. With over 5.600 stocks and ETFs, this would affect Chainlink as the prices of the securities need to be provided as well as Automation will be critical.

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