Our project is inspired by the drive to make being healthier, easier for everyone. Convenience will help boost people's motivation to work on parts of their life.

What it does

Project Dieta can currently read calories, but with a better OCR system, will be able to read other parts of a nutrition label. The system can also keep track of the total calories that you ate. This makes it easy to reach the target amount of calories that you want to eat per day, instead of having to hand count it. It can also give you an analysis of the calories that you eat.

How we built it

The front end website was built using HTML and CSS and was built from scratch. The system was built using an image to text software named Tesseract.js, and we learned to incorporate it and use it to read nutrition labels. We also programmed an algorithm that can calculate an analysis of the food you eat. It would calculate the remaining amount of calories you have to eat in the day based on what you input.

Challenges we ran into

Images not being big enough/extra padding

Not being able to change text size and font on CSS, and some of our files conflict towards the beginning.

Tesseract not being able to detect smaller words correctly, which is why we stuck with calories as it's the biggest print on the page.

Displaying calories on the page, as it conflicted with the loading bar.

Using Tesseract on, making it hard because Repl did not allow us to access many files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to use tesseract, and implementing it into our project. All along the way, we were able to use help to build the project, but also learn how to implement code and code ourselves. We built a system that can help peoples' mental health as well as physical health by helping people stay healthy.

What we learned

We learned: How to build a website with multiple pages

How to incorporate an engine into our software design.

How to code an algorithm that helps you analyze your calorie intake.

How to analyze Tesseract.Js's information

HTML, CSS, and javascript much more in-depth

How to master the terminal

How to upload onto Github

What's next for Group L Project Dieta

Project DIeta plans to:

Show Statistics about other nutrition facts (E.g. Sugar, Total Fat, etc)

Make an account system for logins, etc

Telling users whether a food is healthy or not

Make an Application instead of a website

Food Database for foods that have no barcode

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