More and more people are wanting the convenience, elegance, and simplicity of a smart-home device, but without the costs, maintenance, and difficulty of installation. As opposed to drilling through your wall to attach a separate segment to your lights; Ursus can be directly attached onto any single toggle light switch. Utilizing the Twilio cloud communication and ngrok's servers, Ursus is a fully-functional text message based light system. Through Ursus, you can turn the lights in any room on or off at any time from anywhere. This feature is great because it means that Ursus can help you save energy by minimizing the time of light usage in your house. Ursus even comes with a "Status" command that tells you if your lights are currently on or off. You could even execute commands through text to set a time to set Ursus to activate the lights or deactivate the lights: "Ursus, can you turn on the lights in 5 minutes?" or "Lights off in 10 mins.".

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