All of us have had trouble finding bathrooms in big cities. So we decided to fix the issue.

What it does

Our app contains three functionalities at the moment. The main functionality is locating the nearest public restrooms to the user. Secondly the user can add a new public restroom. Lastly we have a simple but unique game installed on the app for "in flight entertainment".

How we built it

We build the application in Android-Studio using Java, XML, JSON, and API's from Google Maps and Amenimaps.

Challenges we ran into

First of all, prior to this hackathon none of us have ever developed an android application. Android studio turned out to be a "heavy-weight" that required a lot of power and had a slow compile time. As Saturday began we ran into hardware issues on all of our computers. Andrei's computer ran out of memory installing the SDK's necessary for running the emulator. Sam's computer had errors that we could not trace, her computer could not run the emulator. Olayinka's computer kept freezing due to the amount of power needed for android studio to run. This gave us fairly rough start setting up our environment and learning the new coding methods. Secondly, the API's were tricky to use. If there was a slight misconfiguration in the code it could fail and not leave a meaningful error trace. This slowed down the GPS permissions in particular.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although we had faced hurdles as stated above, we pushed through and accomplished our main goals. We learned how to use Android-Studio to create a fully functioning app that if refined further could be a real hit on the app store. This is our first ever app, and for Kevin, Andrei and Sam it is their first hackathon.

What we learned

We learned how to use Android-Studio, Parse through JSON, work with Google Maps API, Android Java, Design, and work with 2 web API's.

What's next for UrineLuck

Our goal is to help any person hopping left and right from the need to use the restroom, so nobody world wide will be lost in any city in finding the nearest place to relieve themselves.

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