Rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero combine player inputs with music and judge the players based on how well they hit certain notes in time with the music. However, those games require the players to see which note to hit. For people who are blind or otherwise have significant vision loss, URGBA is a rhythm game that anyone, sighted or not, can play.

In URGBA, a constant beat would be played throughout the song, and warning cues alert the player that he or she must do the appropriate gesture on the very next beat. For instance, a whistle indicates that the player must shake the phone on the next beat; a low drum note tells the player to tap the screen on the next beat. A combination of audio and haptic cues guides the player, and the goal is to perform as many correct gestures as possible. In the interest of accessibility for blind players, the app can help them navigate by telling what menu they are on and where they should press for certain options.

Note: this is a solo project, so I don't have any other team members.

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