The modern woman has too much to do and too little time to do it-- partly due to the imbalanced distribution of household tasks. urChore is the solution! Our inspiration.

What it does

FAIRLY assigns your family chores. Adds some cat memes in the mix. Gives a real-kid friendly vibe.

How we built it

Split the group half-in-half into Android & web app teams. We coordinated the development of our projects.

Challenges we ran into

EVERYTHING-- WE ARE BEGINNERS WITH NO CLUE. The biggest challenge for both projects was creating and interacting with the spinning wheel.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Survival. Also, we used math to represent the spinner. Math! It took forever. We learned a lot of new widgets and how to code in XML! Yay learning.

What we learned

Android Team: We learned what preferences are and rotational animations. Web app: MATH IS HARD.

What's next for urChore

Manipulating the program so our siblings have to do the work. On a more serious note, we want to be able to customize the chores and sync the data between the app and the website.

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