Urblox Concept

Urblox an urban planning tool that you can step into! It's aimed at helping architects, urban designers, students, and hobbyists see how their ideas play out in an immersive environment.

1) Import 3D assets into the "studio". 2) Build an environment from scratch, or use a pre-existing environment to modify & add on to. 3) Teleport to street level and interact with the environment.

Basic Mechanics

The "Design Studio" is composed of the Asset Display Table and the Sandbox Table (which houses the environment you modify).

The Asset table allows you to pull a copy of a 3D asset and move it into the Sandbox Table as you wish.

Future Prospects & Features

Khalea (City Data & Models): I make architectural models in my free time and use a product called Lumion 9 to render them. Lumion lets you import city data and will place grey blocks where buildings are, thus simulating a city. I wanted to have a similar feature in Urblox but we didn't have enough time to acquire that knowledge... but now we do :)


We are a small but mighty team of 3 who all came in with little or no Unity scripting experience. We are proud that we pushed out a solid experience given the amount of time we had and learning that we had to catch up on.

Made With...

Unity, Vive Pro, Rhino (3D Modelling), SteamVR 2.0 (SDK)

Asset Attribution

Built With

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