Who goes on an energy diet alone? No one in the history of global warming has turned off their air conditioner unless they had an even sweatier friend to laugh at. No one says you can't save the world while destroying your friends' self-esteem at the same time. Urbien presents: Energy Savings Tournaments

Users participate in energy saving tournaments over different periods of time - 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc. Enter a tournament, receive an Energy Diary, and for next week or however long, document your attempts to lower your energy usage. Upload sweaty photos of electric sockets sealed up with play dough (or cookie dough) and give detailed blueprints of your Rube Goldberg apparatuses that run on green-energy hamsters. At the end of each challenge, see how much energy and money you saved. (Urbien plugs into TendrilConnect's Green Button API)

As the diaries mature -- remember, a diary is only as long as the tournament specifies -- the judging period begins. "Judges" (you and everyone else), rate the diaries duel-style side by side, choosing the more entertaining/energy-saving experience from each pair. And since Urbien tournaments are never-ending, your "week-long energy fast" competes with other people's submissions from any time and anywhere. A single entry can win Best of the Week today and Best of the Leap Year a few months later.

Users can also create their own energy savings tournaments with whatever energy challenge/duration they want to specify. Tournaments have sponsorship and reward distribution mechnisms built in, so if you find a willing sponsor for you tournament, Urbien will take care of the fund management and award ceremonies.

At the end of the each week, month and year, winners are announced on the Urbien home page.

Why energy saving tournaments? Motivation: Motivating yourself to save energy is scientifically proven to be impossible, much like motivating yourself to go to the gym. We all really care...a lot...but that's as far as most of us go. Competition, blogging, taking photos, sharing crazy stories, proving to everyone else that you can think outside the box: these all make the energy-saving experience a source of entertainment and thus much more likely to succeed, or even just catch on. Bad energy habit discovery. Correlate your efforts with results, or lack of them. For any time interval, we let you take energy snapshots and see what your energy usage/cost was during that time. See what your peak hours, peak days of the week and peak months are. Figure out why and cut down. And with experience-driven input from a whole community of newly christened energy fanatics, you can learn about other people's bad energy habits, which is always encouraging. Tournaments encourage sustainable energy dieting. Urbien tournaments never end, so joining a tournament is like joining a club. The members keep each other motivated through fear and dread. Discover what works and share

Urbien houses a Pinterest-style sharing model where people can "nab" images/videos from anywhere online to boards on their profile and other people can "renab" them. Organize and share products, books, tips, and photos of your latest energy-saving innovations with one click, on and off-site.

RoadmapEnter a tournament as a team. Enter a tournament as a small business. "Get Prepared" catalog. Affiliate sales from energy products curated by Urbien users will feed the tournaments prize fund. Losers lounge. The tournament winners get to give the rest of us good tips. Neighborhood energy watch (the NEW). See energy waste and outraged? Channel your energy for public good by making constructive suggestions. Post your concern and invite your friends to support you in making things change. Send the energy-waste lords your product suggestions from the "Get Prepared" catalog. Apocalypse club. Get ready for the long blackouts. Global warming? Outdated infrastructure at a utility company? Whatever it is, in our neighborhood the blackouts seem to happen more and more often and they last longer. Do you feel the same? Have you stocked up on cans with 5 digit expiration years? Have you and your neighbors gotten into a generator-sharing program? Share your personal survival guide, tips, products you use, medical supplies. Suggest helpful books, like "How to Stay Alive in the Woods" and "The US Army Survival Manual." Platform goodies

Energy Referee is a new app on Urbien platform and thus benefits from all Urbien platform features, like: User Profile, feed, activity streams, friending, commenting, voting. Social integration. Facebook Connect and Timeline, Tweeter login and reposting, Google Plus login and hangouts. Commerce. Features include affiliate programs, monetary transactions, including rewards, payments, etc. Developer API to create, edit, extract and filter Tournaments, EnergyDiaries, Photos, etc. based on OAUTH2 security.

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