Health Category for CUNY Hackathon 2021, The demand for personalized fitness guidance, Lost for Ideas on Nutrition and Fitness Training, Boring Fitness Routines w/ no variety, Change/Maintain Body Appearance

What it does

Urbestbody web application provides a simple online Nutritional, Cardiovascular, and Resistance Training assessment for users. Users can enter basic demographic data to obtain Urbestbody custom and detailed recommendations to achieve the users Nutritional and Fitness goals. Those recommendations can be emailed in PDF formed to be put to use by the user. User can interact with BestBody Chat Bot for a question and answer session on basic fitness and nutrition.

How I built it

We built the web application first by doing a system analysis where we established the purpose of the web application, its inputs and outputs. Next we established what UrBestBody functional requirements will be, for example, the system shall generate recommendations for nutritional training, cardiovascular training, and resistance training. The following step included securing a domain name. Finally we developed the Application using the technologies while developing and testing in host of iterations.

Challenges I ran into

Obtaining a domain name at and Web Hosting

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Each member of our team is completely new to Hackatons, as such we are extremely proud to put together an app that is functional and meets the expectations we had outlined for ourselves during the initial stages of development, within the given time span.

What I learned

Learning in a Sprint Environment and working with a Team on a Software Project for Future Production

What's next for UrBestBody

We hope to create a paid version of the app that connects users to trained and certified nutritionists and personal trainers. This will enable us to create a personalized monthly workout plan and menu for our users, in order to maximize user’s experience and progress towards their fitness goals. It will also allow users to check in with their progress so we can adjust their workout routine and meal plans according

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