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My time living in Japan (2 months) and Singapore (1 month) when I didn't have a car. My background in public health and behavior change and wanting to reduce health disparities. The Oregon Trail. Who doesn't like the Oregon Trail? Except it's the Urban Trail.

How it works

Go to places you like with people you like. Walk or bike as the default strategy. Find rewards and gifts from businesses along the way. Level up and become a trailblazer traveling within your city.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to figure out whom exactly we should build the app for.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I talked with 5 people who used active transportation and public transit and really connected with their experience. I had an epiphany late at night after digging into the research from scholars as well as my own qualitative interviews.

What I learned

It's important to consider the goals of local government as well as the users. You can't build an effective solution without considering what everyone is trying to do and what their motivations are.

What's next for Urban Trail

I will run some concierge testing, iterate on my interaction models, create new mockups, and work with iOS developers to build out a test version.

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