[CASE STUDY] : Urban Reality - The Elevation of Perfection

Project Overview:

Urban Reality is a residential real estate company dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind homes that perfectly suit their client's lifestyle & this project is the CMS and CRM of Urban Reality's web app.

In the era of the internet it is mandatory for each and every one to have their presence or footprint on the internet to keep pace with the advanced technology and cope up with the market hence I have created this complete solution for residential real estate and our company Urban Reality. The Project solves each and every problem that I have mentioned in the problem section very elegantly in no time.


Urban Reality is a local, family owned residential real estate company and is pretty old, about 16 years so as to speak started in 2005 by my father is doing great in our local city (Bhopal) residential real estate market, my father is colonizing the city in a very good way and Urban Reality had a good turnover, it was very easy at that time to get prospects on phone call without any other resources but in past couple of years due to high availability of internet and cheap smartphones, people nowadays in India search and look for everything on internet but Urban reality did not have any footprint on the internet, not even a landing page. We were lagging behind in terms of new prospects, sale leads , etc. Urban Reality settled a goal of increasing sales, but as is the case for most high-end home builders, not just any lead is the right fit. Urban Reality wanted to increase their number of qualified leads so they could build at a higher price-point that suited their place in the market. They needed to increase their overall traffic to draw in qualified leads that fit their business model. To do that, they not only needed an effective digital marketing strategy, they also needed a platform where they could bring those leads in and have a nurturing footprint on the internet.

To solve all these problems comes HUBSPOT (CMS and CRM) a much more advanced way to solve these above problems.


Seeing the problems of not getting the prospects and customer via classical way of calling people I decided to devise a solutions to all the problems mentioned above and it comes packed in a platform called HUBSPOT (CMS and CRM) and after learn how easily this platform can solve our problem I jump into bits and pieces of Hubspot and get my first footprint for Urban Reality - it is an web app which is very beautifully designed not just to attract the customer but also to nurture them by providing useful content information on the website and a great user experience and in the same time getting useful information from customers through Hubspot FORM FEATURE and taking the sales and task feature forward, this is how I solved the whole problem for Urban Reality.

The CRM feature of Hubspot not just helped us to generate more leads but also help us to close the customer overall Hubspot is the only platform that can solve these problem completely.

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