150 recent deaths from rock fishing

What it does

  • The App: Fisher licenses - quick access Regular check-in IFTTT type Alerts whilst undertaking at-risk activity Tracks movement Alerts Emergency Services, contacts

  • The iPirb: Wearable to automatically alert and track an injured person

  • The People Counter: Gives LGA's a KPI on the uptake of the App in risky locations

How I built it

  • wire frame conceptual built using
  • People Counter - ESP8266 Node MCU + Arduino IDE

Challenges I ran into

  • Data coverage in at risk areas
  • How to get KPI's for LGA's
  • How to encourage uptake of the free App

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • managed to develop & prototype Wifi MAC sniffing (people counter component)

What I learned

  • Wire-frame using Balsalmiq
  • Lean canvas
  • promiscuous mode WiFi capability
  • NB-IoT v. LoRa capability

What's next for Urban-IoT-Hackathon-Team4-SmartMayDay

  • Entrant in startup catapult
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