Imagine if there was an Alexa input point at every street corner and you need help ...

And imagine you have been robbed .... of your cell phone.

Imagine you are having a heart attack and cannot dial a phone.

Imagine you are a child and don't have a cell phone and there are no public pay phones.

Imagine there is a network failure due to terrorist or natural disaster.

Imagine your cellphone battery is at 1% ...

and imagine all you had to do was say: "Alexa - HELP!"

and help would be minutes away...

What it does

parses and routes help requests in an urban environment

How we built it

node.js + Lambda + Alexa

Challenges we ran into

'Help' is a reserved Alexa word and there is not a reasonable substitute. We imagine that AWS would help us in making an exception for this use case.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Simple but really important.

What we learned

Hackathon's are really really fun!

What's next for Urban Emergency

Pitch to Jeff Besos! Machine learning for feedback to improve system.



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