People have a hard time learning a language because getting the chance to go where users speak it is time consuming and expensive. We want to facilitate learning with native speakers when they are available, and even when they are not.

How it works

UpTalk has four main components.

  1. A chat system for communicating with real people around the world. Building a language through native speakers is the best way to solidify skills.
  2. A chat bot for practicing when no one is online. This is a huge lack from all other tools.
  3. A conversation comparison game to help learners understand context flow between native speakers.
  4. Personal stats to improve and gameify learning. We classify quality of each sentence typed to give immediate and long-term feedback to learn from mistakes.

Challenges I ran into

Working with ionic has been a challenge. It was interesting in theory, but very difficult to actually implement well and took more time struggling with strange flaws.

What I learned

Too much to list.

What's next for UpTalk

We want to move UpTalk beyond a test version and get it in the hands of users. We have already validated the concept with friends around the world and think it will soon be ready for the next step.

To make it even better, we want to add a better chat system that incorporates all-real human input, with no robot.

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