Teachers have been tested to the maximum on their skills for remote working by the COVID crisis. Education has rapidly moved towards a new and different way of teaching. The responsibility we share in the whole of Europe is that we must work together on the skills needed for this new e-learning ecology. We also have to make sure that the European education remains professional and competitive so that its quality is guaranteed during situations of crisis.

What it does

An app and platform (website) where you can register as teacher and connect to a teacher that has expertise in the skills you are searching for. Also a general platform to seek information about the skills we need as teachers to teach remotely to our pupils and students. It also offers courses and webinars about the use of digital tools, skills and pedagogy.

Why we need a platform like this

  • We need to up-cycle our teaching methods to fit this new situation created by the Covid crisis.
  • There is a gap between teachers and students in experience with digital methods and tools.
  • There is a new digital literacy which is unevenly divided in Europe.
  • We need to upgrade our pedagogy to a whole new level.
  • We need to get adjusted for blended learning as the new norm.
  • We also need to develop the digital skills of the new generation to prepare for the upcoming decades of working and learning blended.
  • There is a gap between what we can use as teachers in tools, and how we work with it.
  • We need to train the teachers working distant with students with special needs, like children within the autism spectrum.

After the Corona crisis, education and working will have changed and blended learning will be a constant factor. We have the tools to work remote, we need the skills to work with them. If we do not bridge this gap, this generation will suffer a setback in the quality of our education.

How we built it

A concept platform has taken shape, it is the start of a platform which will exist later on its own. We brainstormed and researched the target group. According to our businesss model canvas we formed a pitch-deck presentation and a pitch movie. Furthermore we started designing the app.


This project has to become widely spread and known in Europe. We need to make sure digital literacy is evenly divided to make sure our education is up for future challenges like this Covid crisis. It is challenge to reach all the teachers within all the countries. We need the support of existing networks to do that for example eTwinning. Teachers within this network claim they and their students were better prepared for this situation. That experience should be used to coach teachers to a new level of remote teaching.


Enormously proud that the idea of a platform for Upskilling Teachers is so widely accepted as a solution for a big problem we have because of the Covid Crisis. Also within this hackathon a sturdy base is developed with help of the mentor and that has led to a complete plan with concrete steps towards creating this platform.

What we learned

How incredible it is what a hackathon can do for an idea. We learned that this crisis brings professionals together and makes them create solutions that are creative and innovative. We learned that here at #EUvsvirus there are no winners, there are just problem-solvers.

What's next for Upskilling Teachers

Getting acknowledgement for the idea. Finding a kick-off platform and funding. Getting this platform towards all of the teachers in Europe, because they need to be better equipped with skills to teach remote.

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