We are both TAs for a game development class! We thought it would be cute to create a story that was about journeying to make a change.

What it does

It conveys a story about self-love through the journey of a small sproot. The sproot is being chased out of its home by the moss, an environment that isn't suitable to allow the sproot to flourish. The sproot needs light in order to grow, so they go on a journey to make a change by fighting the moss mushies and forest dwellers.

How we built it

We used gamemaker 2 and various pixel art / digital art applications to both design and develop this game!

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time using gamemaker 2, so we took some time to get familiar with it as well as how to collaborate on it using git since we are used to working individually on game development projects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The art assets came out very well and we thought that the mix between pixel art and digital art worked great together to create a cute story.

What we learned

It's a much smoother process once we have all of the art assets done, as we can just focus on the development portion afterwards.

What's next for uproot

While we weren't able to finish every feature we wanted (more items and obstacles), we would like to be able to include these features to further emphasize the story behind the sproot's journey.

Built With

  • aseprite
  • gamemaker2
  • git
  • usenti
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