ePROMs are standardised questionnaires that cancer patients are asked to fill out. Even though is has been shown in studies that filling them out improves their survival rate, only around 40-70% of them do that regularly. The reasons for not filling an ePROM are often the lack of time, accessibility of lack of feedback. We turn answering the standard ePROM questions into a quick, simple and responsive app.

What it does

It transforms a lengthy, dull questionnaire into a simple interface, a series of yes/no questions. It takes a couple of swipes to provide the feedback. Pushing the simplification to the maximum makes sure that a broad spectrum of patients can use it comfortably. Most importantly we start by asking general questions and inquire about the details only when necessary. This reduces the number of questions a patient needs to answer from 80 to as little as 10 or 15. This many swipes or taps completes the survey! The data is immediately sent to a database.

How we built it

We're using Spring Boot on the backend and Unity on the frontend for a scalable on cross-platform solution on all major platforms.

Challenges we ran into

The data structuring and organization proved to be a greater challenge than expected. Furthermore, the user knows he/she should complete the whole questionnaire, but is often not motivated enough to do so. Thus the friction must be kept to a minimum to facilitate as much user interaction as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a working, hand crafted user interface was thus important to us, as the user experience is the most important factor for this kind of app.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the challenges the Healthcare industry is facing right now and how we can use technology to overcome them. As the whole team was part of the development process, every one of us learned something new. Especially working in a hybrid team on a tight schedule.

What's next for uPROMS

The next step after finishing the backend algorithms and polishing the user interface will be the construction of a seamless SaaS platform that doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and healthcare providers can use with no integration or setup cost. The interface could be expanded to voice recognition. Clinicians could decide to adjust the questions depending on the previous answers, time of day, the profile of the patient or his/her treatment.

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