Most social apps, like Facebook, are mainly for us to post things about ourselves. Why should we only care about ourselves?

During the CMU freshman orientation, we met a lot of people but remember not much about their names, interests and majors. How can we take notes at any moment?

We are fans of mystery. Criminal profiler is an especially cool career. How can we become profilers in our daily lives?

uProfile is such an app for those who are really motivated to know about other people and willing to write for them at any worthy moments. uProfile is just a simple app, but users can utilize it for many reasons, such as for practical reason ("he owns me 10 bucks"), for maniac reasons ("at 10:10:10, he passes the XXX street with a black bag"), or for personal reasons ("I hate him!!!").

After all, we use uProfile because we really care about someone other than ourselves.

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