uPort Auth or simply 'u' is a simple authentication application built on top of uPort identity system. It allows a user to log in with a click of a button and bypass logging in through a centralized third party.

This project is within the usability and dev tooling category for consensus's hackathon.

This Application is a response to the convenient 'one click' log in offered through third party companies, however since this authentication is built on top of blockchain technology it means the user's information isn't stored, used or sold.

Having a lightweight extension that developers can incorporate into their applications will hopefully lead to greater adoption of the technology.

Blockchain technology is posed to solve many of the problems currently facing authentication. Creating lightweight apps that make it possible to start implementing this technology is an important step for the space.

Challenges we ran into

Conceptualizing how decentralized auth should go down

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a nice framework together. Plenty of steps to go to get it off the ground.

What we learned

Learnt a lot about uPort

What's next for uPort Auth

We would like this to be a robust npm package so that developers can start applying uPort authentication to their apps and dApps

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