My partner abandoned me 2 hours from submission, so I made something that reflected how she made me feel when she texted "my mom said I can't go today" at 7:40

What it does

Basically, when you tap on the "smiling pile of poo" image, it sends me an email with a poop emoji, if you tap "poop," it sends me a text.

How I built it

I had zero notice or time and my former partner had all the code that we made for our other idea on her computer, so I used kinetise, a no-code app-building website.

Challenges I ran into

Well, that's an obvious one

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Staying here without my partner

What I learned

To not trust anyone, and some swift and how smartphones detect motion

What's next for Upoo

I am never going to use this, but I will, going forward, work on my original idea of making an app that screams when you shake your phone.

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