We have noticed during other hackathons the teams has not taken business value conciderations into account the way they should. That is of course understandable, because the teams are using all the effort to deliver fancy software products or other implementations to the table. But, it is difficult for the judges to make the best possible decision to select the winner without value information. This could lead to winner selection that brings no real long-term value for the business.

What it does

The business case calculation shows the value of UPM challenges.

How we built it

The information for the calculation have been taken from different sources like UPM annual report, SCM studies and other sources found from internet. There are few assumptions made during the calculation because the information could not be verified from any sources of information.

  1. Research phase: Collecting information about supply chain and financial information about UPM
  2. Identifying supply chain areas that can be improved
  3. Identifying possible opportunity value for every supply chain area by using reference material
  4. Calculating required costs to implement the opportunity for every supply chain area
  5. Calculating net value for every supply chain area improvements and linking the uses cases to the value

Challenges we ran into

The main problem was to get accurate information about the supply chain related financials at UPM. We understand that this kind of information is top secret and UPM does not want to share it publicly.

Our approach is also quite unique to be implemented during hackathon. That was a huge challenge that we knew already when assigning in to the hack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Collaboration with UPM personnel worked well. We tied close relationship with them and got valuable information to create even better business case calculations.

What we learned

UPM supply chain management became much more clearer during the weekend. We also noticed that you could deliver quite complex business case calculations that matter to management of big company within few days using team working method.

What's next for UPMHack business case

  • We'd like to meet UPM business people later to get more accurate UPM values for the business case calculations. Why? With them we could verify the accuracy of the business case calculation and then UPM could select the opportunities of the supply chain improvement that brings the greatest value if implemented.

Built With

  • other-financial-data
  • scm-studies
  • upm-annual-report
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