Research shows the people are interested in their genetics and what they can tell us. Our small, but knowledgable, friends have so much to share, but have no voice to be heard! Genome Link provides a pathway for us to get to know our genomics and understand their language. By integrating Twilio with Genome Link, we can offer an easy to use service for understanding our genetics. Although originally aimed at uplifting those who suffer from depression and neuroticism, Uplift has transformed into a service for lifestyle change, nutrition awareness, disease prevention and allergy warning.

What it does

Twilio SMS meets Genome Link - receive uplifting texts and personal recommendations based on your phenotypes.

  • Send users uplifting messages to encourage healthy lifestyle changes
  • Help users break out of unhealthy thoughts and patterns
  • Raise awareness of diseases and disease prevention for users who genetically predisposed

How we built it

We used genome link API to determine likelihood of phenotype based on genomic data. Selenium, OAuth, and beautifulSoup all were used for authentication purposes. Twilio API and Flask were used to send and receive messages. MySQL was used as backend and housed user data.

Challenges we ran into

  • Ran into OAuth issues when trying to authenticate client id and client secret.
  • Due to high latency, we used threading for latency management.
  • To avoid polling the API constantly, we used MySQL for local storage and to further decrease latency.
  • Figuring out what should be done with the data obtained from using the Genome Link API
  • Parsing data into a particular format
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