The idea of developing Uplift Her came to my mind when I landed up in my class 11th. The whole world went online due to the pandemic and it leads to an increase in mental and health issues across the Globe. According to a survey, whether it's housewife, female teenagers they are often judged by the society and not able to communicate and express their thoughts easily. I have seen women always sacrificing they had thought. So why not create an inclusive space for women where women can get all the things in one place be it listening to inspiring stories, chatting anonymously with women all around the globe, getting wellness tips on nutrition, mental health and fitness.

What it does

Our Website focuses on three main features - Connect, Wellness, Inspiration.

  • Connect - I have made a Website which a community chat to talk to anyone privately.
  • Wellness - It shows wellness tips on nutrition, mental health and fitness.
  • Inspiration - It has inspiring stories of women.

How we built it

I developed a website using HTML, CSS and Javascript. I also tried and for the community chat feature while studying more about it through the documentation.

Challenges we ran into

I am a newbie to coding, and it was my first ever project. Implementation of sockets was tricky for me during the entire hackathon period.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was my first hackathon and I was a solo participant. I developed a website using HTML, CSS and Javascript. I also tried and for the very first time. With the help of documentation, I was able to create a chat app.

What we learned

I learned so many things in this hackathon. I learnt how to make a website using Html, css and javascript. I also learned about and websocket.

What's next for Untitled

I had a thought in my mind while building an inclusive space for women why not create a chat feature where women around the globe can talk to each other anonymously. So while I searched on web I came across Web-Sockets which can be used for chat. So after reading the documentation I tried doing websocket and successfully I was able to built a chat app.

  • Things that I thought that can be further improved in the project is that I can chat with women all around the globe according to their own interest and match them accordingly. (Match making chat feature according to interests and hobbies)
  • I have also thought of video functionality features.
  • Spam Detection in the chat, and automatically end the chat if something offensive is found. 2 warnings to be given. After that the person will be removed from the community.
  • Hosting voice spaces on the platform - where a group of people can discuss about topics itself
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