Objective An iOS app empowering users to build a community of support by sharing their life stories in order to encourage, inspire, and uplift one another.

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Plan --> Prod


  • x Wireframes
  • x Sprints and scrum tickets.
  • x Instagram-Style view-controllers with respective branches
  • x Real-time upload and download videos (GCP)
  • Store feelings(comments) during “uplifting” moments (GCP)
  • x Death confirmation to send public eulogy chat bot (Twilio and Heroku)
  • Sentiment-Analysis disabling negative comments (Watson)
  • Bot for speech-to-navigation for easier accessibility (Watson)


  • Merging branches with iOS storyboard conflicts.
  • Uploading camera video recording and caching for seamless scroll UX.
  • Dequeuing table view cells for unlimited feed.
  • Firebase and Xcode shenanigans. Restarted project 12am Sunday.

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Team Members:

  • Matthew Rodriguez, Baruch College (Back-end)
  • Helal Chowdhury, NYU (AI + Front-end) First iOS!
  • Kevin Chen, NYU (Front-end) First iOS!
  • Joseph Shimonov, Queens College (Front-end) First iOS!
  • Ahmed Razin, NYU (Design UI/UX) First iOS!

Built With

  • google-cloud-firebase
  • ibm-watson-assistant
  • python-scripts
  • swift
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