For millennials ages 23-38, more and more individuals are being affected by physical ailments such as hypertension, high cholesterol and behavioural health problems. From 2014-2017 there was a surge in the number of people affected these issues, a 31% increase in depression, 29% increase in hyperactivity and a 16% increase in hypertension. These issues have had a significant impact, not only on the individuals social life, but also the global economy, with a detrimental loss of $1 trillion from productivity loss.With our busy and active lives, it is extremely difficult to take the next step and be able to detect these symptoms right away.

What it does

This website allows the user to input their demographic information and take a survey with a likert scale to indicate their lifestyle. With the information, the program then generates a bar graph for median, above average, below average and where you fall between these bars. For visual learners,this is a good way for the user to see exactly where they fall and how much they need to improve by or how much they have already exceeded. At the very end, the program gives you a short insight of your life based on your responses.

How we built it

  • HTML CSS JS on Visual Studio Code
  • Bootstrap 4 and chart.js
  • Built from scratch
  • Adobe Illustrator for logo and design

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we faced was trying to maintain the consistency between our code in our group of 5. We wanted to use Visual Studio Code Live Share to collaboratively code at the same time, however, the extension did not allow us to test our own program. Thus, it was more efficient to send files to one another. Maintain consistencies - visual studio code live share.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As first time hackers, our group had little knowledge on how to create and execute programs. Throughout the day, working on Visual Studio Code, opening various W3Schools tabs and StackOverflow FAQ's, our group became proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With these new skills in hand, we were able to create Uplift from scratch and we are beyond proud to have finished from a blank slate.

What we learned

The importance of communication between team members -- ensured a smooth workflow and easy collaboration.

What's next for Uplift

Some next steps we would like to incorporate with UpLift in the future is to expand the application to be able to create an account and store results in an internal database. This way, the user is able to track their growth over time. Improve analytics

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