Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has an incredible high transmission rate and induced a once-in-a-century global pandemic. The main way to control the spread of the deadly virus is by maintaining hygiene.lack of sanitizing gel and side effects of chemical disinfectant inspired us to us our innovation to help people like ourselves to maintain hygiene easier and more efficient. uPlasma is developing new disinfection and sanitizing agent in the format of spray and solution. one of the most important advantages of our plasma spray and solution generating devices is that it isn't susceptible to the supply chain vulnerabilities of traditional methods. The device uses a novel method to produce cold plasma, which turns air into a flow of reactive and excited species (electrons, charged particles, reactive oxygen species (ROS), reactive nitrogen species (RNS)) that can safely and quickly treat hands, surfaces, and medical devices. These meritorious behaviors are due to the presence of air molecules and atoms in an excited state. uPlasma sanitizing device is environmentally friendly with an efficient decontamination technique and a possible solution for hand sanitization, environmental decontamination, specifically to prevent the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus particularly in the clinical environment.

Our commercial prototype is in the process to be built by focusing on low-cost, effective, and deployable designs for commercialization with the aim to be widely used in this COVID-19 health crisis and can become a tool for maintaining hygiene in people's daily lives after crisis. This prototype will be built at uPlasma Inc. Novel and multifunctional uPlasma devices will be developed and tested for COVID-19 by the following methods: (1) producing gaseous and vapor phase plasma species to kill coronavirus, (2) treating liquid to get plasma solution for hand and surface sanitation to prevent spread of COVID-19 infection. The basic engineering research on technology is mostly completed. A functional version of the novel component (for the air-fed plasma device) has been tested, and general design for the prototype has been created. The next challenge is to build a prototype that can be feasible for daily use and early deployment. The prototype will include low-cost, dependable, off-the-shelf electronics. Multiple basic configurations have been planned, and testing will identify which is both the most effective. Our plan is to test these functions and treatment modalities. We will work with medical researchers at UCLA, area hospitals, hospitals on other UC campuses, and areas where COVID-19 may be currently straining medical resources. The uPlasma devices are easily operable for COVID-19 experiments and treatments, even during the environment of sheltering-in-place. uPlasma devices will be portable and low cost so that they are easy, convenient, and comfortable to use. Also, experiments will be conducted for viruses on a range of medical surfaces including masks, gloves, instruments, etc. the uPlasma disinfecting devices can be used in two formats 1- disinfecting hands and small objects such as mobile phone and keys and 2- s device hat will be used for decontamination surfaces and packages. we are proud to announce our prototype send to the virology lab to be tested for proof of concept and UCLA health announced interest in using this device after proof of concept. we hope to raise fund to build our commercial prototype and be ready for commercializing in 3 months to contribute in prevention of virus transmission

Team • Dr. Richard E. Wirz, Prof. at UCLA, Founder and Director of uPlasma, Inc. World-renowned plasma science and technology expert; Former NASA Engineer, Affiliate for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech, and Advisor for NASA's Glenn Research Center; Air Force, Principal Advisor on Advanced Plasma Propulsion Technologies; Chair of Fluid Mechanics for UCLA MAE; Associate Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. • Dr. Zhitong Chen, Postdoc at UCLA, Founder and CTO of uPlasma, Inc. Expert in cold atmospheric plasma physics, plasma-activated solutions plasma medicine, and plasma devices. Innovator of several plasma devices. • Dr. Leyla Mirmomen, CEO of uPlasma Inc.High Tech Entrepreneurship, Businesses; Development, Leadership, Management. Started her own business with $ 25 million In revenue. Awarded among 100 best entrepreneurs.

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