We took our inspiration from the problems of owners of small businesses that were adversely affected during the covid-19 process and from other donation tools in the ecosystem. We worked to bring a different perspective to the shortcomings of the ecosystem and to make then donation process more motivating.

What it does :

Upkeep is an easy and interactive application where users can create a profile through the application, view donation campaigns in various categories and collect vouchers to benefit from the discounts and promotions offered by the campaign owners in the future by donating to these campaigns.

How we built it :

We build Upkeep as a mobile application with Flutter so that the application could run on both iOS and Android devices. We used Firebase as the backend.

Challenges we ran into :

Hex Cambridge 1st Place, Hex Cambridge 2nd Place,Hex Cambridge 3rd Place,Hex Cambridge People's Choice,Hex Cambridge Organisers' Choice, Blackrock Challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

It was a challenge for us to complete this project in such a small amount of time. Additionally, our team is really diverse and it was tough to work efficiently given that we come from 3 different time zones.

What we learned:

While our awareness about the economic capacity of small businesses and how they are affected by the pandemic process has increased, we have had the opportunity to develop our business skills more clearly on how to control the process. In our work on crisis management, we tried to create an effective interface for the user by using various design techniques. During this process, we benefited from an application that we did not have experience before and turned the process into a learning method.

What's next for UPKEEP :

We want to create a business model for Upkeep and enable it to reach more people. For this, we aim to increase our user satisfaction to maximum capacity by collaborating and working with small businesses and companies. We are planning to get software and design support in order to organize the deficiencies regarding the user interface in line with the criticisms, to work more on the software background and to release the beta version of the application.

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