These days, many of our relationships are assisted by online services. With great convenience comes great responsibility - it is easier than ever to engage in an argument with a loved one, and our digital society often leaves these problems unresolved. Additionally, people with mental handicaps like Autism are having a harder time as more and more people become dependent on the internet to stay social. This app aims to ease these issues.

What it does

Upkeep is an easy way for you to maintain your online relationships. The service has 2 components: a text message client that analyzes your conversations in real time, and a general analytics hub that provides feedback on a broader set of online activity while giving you aggregate feedback for entire online relationships. Both are designed to give you insight on the objective emotions and sentiments of the conversation, making it easier to quickly identify and act on negative relationships.

How we built it

Upkeep aggregates and culls your messages using our algorithm, before sending data to IBM-Watson. From there, the information is processed using IBM's natural language processors. Upkeep interprets the output from IBM and gives the user objective feedback on their online relationships.

Challenges we ran into

Scraping the user's SMS data from the local database was a new challenge. From there, the big challenge was formatting the information in a way that is easy to send to IBM, and finding a way to intuitively interpret the output from their natural language processors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting IBM-Watson's API up and running on Android was a rocky road. From there, getting it to behave in the manner we were hoping was pretty ambitious. In just 24 hours, we were able to overcome an idea pivot and several major bugs, all while learning new skills!

What we learned

As a group, we didn't have much experience programming with Android. This was especially true in the case of SMS hacking and Watson API. We were able to overcome this problem with the help of Uncommon mentorship, online Android courses, and mad Google-fu. We were really lucky to have a UI/UX designer on the team - this allowed us to quickly iterate the app and make huge strides in improving the user experience.

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