Our project is inspired by the stories of people who are victims of racism, discrimination against LGBTQ + individuals, labor work, violence against women, and the reintegration of refugees into society.We believe that accepting every person as an individual in social transformation is possible with the steps taken today. We foresee that access to legal processes and justice is as much a natural right as the right to life, and that victims may become exhausted in the process of seeking rights. For this reason, we stand by victims with our volunteer lawyers who work on pro bono and follow every process. In addition to all these, we aim to integrate the victims into the society with our volunteer therapists and community works, based on the importance of protecting mental health.

What it does

Uphold is a platform that brings together individuals who need psychological and legal support on racism, violence against women, discrimination against LGBTQ + individuals, labor studies, and the participation of refugees in society with volunteer therapists and lawyers, where these individuals can create communities and support each other. Unlike ordinary donation or aid applications, Uphold, which we developed with the dream of individuals who respect fundamental rights and freedoms and with strong social ties, makes the process healthier and legally understandable by helping users find a volunteer lawyer or therapist with GPS data.

How we built it

UI/UX: Designed on Figma, Backend: Python and Flask based functions

Challenges we ran into

Most Creative, Most Impactful Hack, Best Beginner Hack, Civic Engagement Prize, Entertainment and Social Interconnectivity Grand Prize, [Citadel] Most Impressive Hack, [Pinnacle] Best Hackathon Project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The thing we are most proud of is the sleepless nights we spent to work on our project because of the time difference between America and Turkey. We all worked hard in all areas from software background to design, from design to marketing and politics. Even if our front-end expert teammate's computer died we didn't give up and continue working to complete the project. He helped us on the design parts and we are proud that we were able to finish this.

What we learned

In our second attempt to make designs with Figma, we learned to make a more understandable and easy-to-use design at the same time, work on the backend using GPS data and develop a business model.

What's next for UPHOLD

We want to improve the front-end part of Uphold and enrich our content in a way that maximizes user satisfaction. In addition, we aim to contact lawyers that provide pro bono services in terms of voluntary legal services, to make agreements with volunteer therapists and to make the practice known through social media policies. In the back-end part, we aim to develop in connection with the front-end in the future. In addition to all of these, it is among our greatest goals to contribute to awareness by communicating with the non-governmental organizations and victims the subjects in our categories. Also we would like to work on the donation part more.

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