We all know that everyone in this country probably has a mobile phone, even the less-fortunate. We wanted to help them by developing something useful.

What it does

Our team decided to make a web application which will help the less-fortunate connect with valuable resources, find shelters, addiction therapy centers, connect with appropriate help in a moment of crisis and help themselves by learning how to be financially stable, all between a few clicks of one another.

How we built it

We built this using HTML,CSS and Bootstrap for the front end, and JavaScript, Firebase and the google map APIs for the back end. We were able to finish this project sooner than expected.

Challenges we ran into

Struggles were met when developing the custom maps for the user. And since it was our first time working with Firebase and the DOM(Document Object Model), we experienced difficultlywith making the front and back end communicate with each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to make a working model of our initial idea, and we also had time to develop a Flutter app which has similar functionalities as the web app.

What we learned

We gained invaluable experience working with APIs and Firebase. We are now confident with using them in the future.

What's next for UpHelping

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