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The lack of applicable productivity and learning applications is seriously flawed. We are presented with countless apps and websites saying that with one week of use, users will improve productivity. Though, do we really? Truth is, we stop using them within a month as opening an app or website is way too slow as we advance into our busy daily lives.

After discovering that 279 million Americans per year download applications such as the Apple "Reminder" app and stop using them after a mere month, I began researching what users like. To no surprise, users like easy applications that are in one place. Users often complained about the lack of practicality (users do not want to stop their activity on their computers, find their phones, and open their app on their phones to set a reminder; alternatively, open another tab, type in the website, log in, and set a reminder). With the rising popularity and usage of chrome extensions, I decided to create a chrome extension combining productivity and learning. A practical one.

What it does

After downloading the extension (for right now, downloading the repository from Github and uploading it to Developer Mode in Extensions), users pin UpGrowth, which has the lavender icon of a lightbulb. When clicked on, the responsive landing page appears.

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Reminders: Originally, the current reminders are blank. When the user types in the title of the reminder and selects the due-date/deadline, the inputs are saved and outputted to "Current Reminders." Users can clear and edit reminders along the way.

Notes: A responsive, movable textbox where users write anything - notes, tasks, feelings. Notes are saved with local storage.

Music: A calming soundtrack that regulates users' stress levels. Every day, the selected soundtrack changes; thus, users will never get tired of it and feel compelled to know the song of the day.

Text-Highlighting: Users can highlight specific words, sentences, paragraphs, etc. from ANY text. Serving as an online replacement for reading rulers, text-highlighting is extremely helpful for everyday assignments such as reading. Fun Fact: I'm highlighting right now to help write.

Everything is saved with local storage, even when the extension is paused or removed.

How we built it

As a beginner to chrome extensions, I viewed and researched the purpose of each required file in a chrome extension, manifest.json for example. With my trusty Visual Studio Code, I created files that included JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

Personally, today was A Series of Unfortunate Events. I woke up at six this morning eager to prep and work on my extension to find out that my internet was out. Traveling to the local dealership, booking a hotel (bad wifi still), and driving an hour to my grandmother's house, I coded 75% of my chrome extension blind. I am very thankful to have a completely functional application and to live.

Technically, before this hackathon, I had minimal experience with bootstrap and JavaScript. Bootstrap was a problem due to the limited colors option; however, I found how to make an array of colors and use them for my bootstrap buttons. Styling for bootstrap was also a problem since the buttons were in my JavaScript files, and I was confused about how to implement the style tag. Each step ultimately had its own problems, but I pushed through and created an appealing UI/UX design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I did this all by myself and blind-coded (considering my lack of artistic ability)! I will quite never say this enough - I absolutely love my chrome extension UpGrowth. It's not a project that I create in a hackathon and never use again, I can use it forever (or when I expand and create an updated version in the long run).

What we learned

For Bootstrap, I learned that Bootstrap has button classes (for example, button btn-lg). My JavaScript proficiency definitely improved, and now, I can create more chrome extensions! Also, I can definitely be confident in my coding skills (not having to check my project every time I add a line of code).

What's next for UpGrowth

Email and messaging syncing--somethings I have to look more into as I grow in the CS field. Using Microsoft Azure, I would add additional learning like text magnifying and text-to-speech. UpGrowth can easily be promoted to schools, companies, and more. No limits! Everyone struggles with producing and learning at one point in their lives or has an obsession with calming music! It has market value due to everyday challenges and tasks whether caused by school, work, or family. people need to keep track of tasks and use resources to further their learning. I hope to expand on UpGrowth, create an accompanying React Firebase website that promotes the chrome extension, and publish UpGrowth on the Chrome Web Store.

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