What is Upgoaled?

Upgoaled is a decentralized application that harnesses blockchain technology to revolutionize personal goal tracking. Users stake tokens on their goals, creating a sense of accountability. If a goal isn't met, the staked tokens are forfeited and redistributed among users who have achieved their goals. This competitive edge and collective responsibility make Upgoaled more than a traditional goal-tracking platform - it's a community that gamifies personal achievement.

An Uphill Journey

Creating Upgoaled has been a wild journey, filled with growth and resilience. We faced initial challenges in building a dedicated team, struggling with high turnover. Coincidentally, we found accountability at the crux of most of our obstacles. Both teammates overestimating their capabilities, and KPI follow-through consistently impacted Upgoaled’s growth. In reflection, it was a critical reminder of the importance of adaptability and re-evaluation, essential components of any ambitious pursuit.

Upholding Technical Integrity

Constructing the Upgoaled smart contract required rigorous testing and meticulous implementation. Our priority was to ensure the platform's security and integrity, reflecting our commitment to providing a reliable and trustworthy environment for our users. Despite the challenges, this process was invaluable in shaping Upgoaled into a resilient platform

Upgoaled in Conclusion

In essence, the journey of Upgoaled reflects the spirit of our platform: setting high goals, overcoming obstacles, and learning continuously. Our hard work, like our users' efforts, has been the stake driving us forward, fuelling our mission to empower individuals and foster public good. We've distilled countless hours of design, development, and testing into a robust tool for progress and accountability. As we push ahead, we remain rooted in our lessons and driven by dedication and strategic work.

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posted an update

Successfully completed the wireframe for the Goal Completion and Dashboard segments of our project. This was executed using Figma, providing a clearer insight into the expected user interface and user experience.

The wireframe outlines all the necessary interactive elements and flow, visualizing the connection between various screens and their usability. I believe this step has brought us significantly closer to understanding and delivering a robust and user-centric product.

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