We want to encourage UPenn students to maintain a good studying and living habit. This website will make students' life in UPenn easier.

What it does

We are building a reminder website for users with functionalities including Upenn academic calendar and a To-Do list. Certain big-event date will be imported from official website ( and labeled on the calendar like First day of Classes, holidays etc. Users could also add their syllabus to the calendar. All of above will show up in everyday To-Do list. Users will easily add or delete items in their To-Do list to maintain a good habit.

How we built it

We implemented the website through Web designs (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS), import data and clean the data through Python and interact between front-end and back-end techniques (MongoDB, Node.js).

Challenges we ran into

We are all unfamiliar with web designs and techniques above. None of them were ever taught. We try to learn from scratch by ourselves and apply those to our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We managed to store the user information in database and make connection between their to-do list and their username.
  2. We imported clean data of all UPenn academic events and attached them to everyday calendar.

What we learned

New techniques and how to make a website from scratch.

What's next for UPenn To-Do List

In the future, we would like to make an APP and add some functions such as remainder.

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