We live in a world where upvoting services are held back by bloatware. What if we had Facebook likes, without the Facebook? This is what our prototype does. It gives us a glimpse into the future of simplified upvoting without extra unneeded features.

What it does

Search for anything you want, and upvote (updoot) it as many times as you want by clicking on the number. Updoot counts are global and update in real time across all users. Be wise with your updoots though, as you are throttled to 1000 an hour.

How we built it

Hosted on one AWS micro EC2 instance. Uses sails js for the backend logic. Websockets are used for live updating updoot scores. The front end is build in html css and javascript, with a small amount of help from bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting our domain name to our EC2 instance was confusing because we had never done that before. Getting the animations right took some time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Live updating of updoot scores across all users.

What we learned

How to use websockets more efficiently. How to connect a domain name to an IP address.

What's next for

Next we take down Facebook, and become the ubiquitous platform for upvoting anything you want.

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