MLH Local Hack Day: Build "Create a Personal Site with GitHub Pages" daily challenge. If we had an existing site, the alternative was to update it.

What it does

It's a personal website where I post my projects, blog/reflect, and introduce myself.

The updates I made include making the site mobile responsive and updating content (including a new blog post for MLH LHD: Build's event!).

How I built it

The original website was forked from another person's blog (that I linked in the footer), then I replaced all the content and modified the HTML and CSS.

I added the viewport meta tag in the default html page and made the CSS change when it's on a phone. Changes include eliminating extra width space so that the screen took up the content of the site. Minor changes include increasing font size for the title and about me tab and adding margins.

For content updates, I just modified the posts and added a new markdown post.

Challenges I ran into

Because I forked the website, it was somewhat difficult to figure out what CSS overwrites other CSS. The site on my phone, although much better than before, is not perfect.

Built With

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