In today's world, finding and collecting information is one of the most pressing challenges. There are approximately 67,869 gigabytes of traffic on the internet every second, and finding relevant information manually is a heavy and almost impossible chore. As admirers and strong believers in the merits of organization and presentation, our group wanted to develop a platform for both personal users and businesses which keeps track of articles and blog posts of their interests and presents them, and notifies them (real-time), in a fashionable manner.

What it does

Given a set of filters, the application either presents relevant articles or keeps a directory (updated real-time) notifying them of new articles.

How it works

NewsAPI is an open-source API we found which allows us to scrape through articles and blog posts from over 50,000 sources and filter them based off a set of categories (language, category, endpoint etc.) and keywords (user entered). After gathering the user-entered data, we transformed it into a workable URL to fetch a response from the API which returns a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Then we worked to parse this JSON into text, and then used HTML injections to add it to our front end.

How we built it

  • Front end: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript
  • Back end: JavaScript, jQuery, nodeJS.
  • API: NewsAPI

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning to communicate with an API
  • Building a system which keeps track of cookies
  • Real-time analysis
  • Sleek and elegant UI (shoutout to the front end boys)

Major potential applications

  • Integration with IBM Watson or other NLP algorithms to analyze general sentiment and perform perceptional analysis (real-time and fluctuating).
  • Automized, direct integration with trading platforms, financial and consultant institutions to inform investors/stockholders/client immediately of market trends.
  • More prevalent engagement and a collectivized platform to share and read trustworthy news.
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