• Create experiences, not itineraries.

  • Realizing that there's critical features missing from the software that travel agents use every day.

What it does

It shows travel agents upcoming events, parties, concerts, sports games, & more, which they can use to help the customer have a better trip experience, and to possibly entice them to extend their trip :)

More specifically, it is a panel widget plugin for Sabre Red Workspace. Plugs into the traditional interface and adds more features for travel agents.

How I built it

With coffee & documentation.

APIs used

  • Ticket Evolution API

Challenges I ran into

Learning how to develop plugins for Sabre Red Workspace.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making something that's actually super useful.

What I learned

TypeScript is cool.

What's next for Upcoming Events (Plugin for Sabre Red Workspace)

Add images and ability to get ticket prices.

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