Trying to keep track of ever changing auction prices, I was frustrated with not knowing what houses were selling for

What it does

It trains you to know prices at auction by giving you an auction to guess each day. Your guess goes through messenger and it stores and calculates a score when it sells, sending you a one time notification or a txt message to say what it sold for, and getting you to check your score again.

How I built it

Using PHP, Symfony framework, Redis and Docker. I also txt using Nexmo. The notifications are built upon an earlier developed framework that calculates interest groups, so I had to adapt the interest groups into auction groupings and make the notifications of an "activity" to be an auction. I also built the scoring based on the guess from scratch.

Challenges I ran into

Built in Docker, there was some learning to get this deployed on AWS using Fargate, which is quite new.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Notifications using txt message as a backup to using one time notifications which are quite new to Facebook.

What I learned

How to write in a competition style, with emoticons and a competition tone of voice. I modeled this on a 12 days until Christmas competition that I helped someone with.

What's next for Upcoming Auctions in Auckland

I am going to make a revenue model from real estate agents coming alongside a buyer as they hone their skills in guessing auctions. Hopefully building up a mutual relationship of trust between agent and seller, which is a lot better than what agents do currently when they put an ad up that says "sell with me" - which doesn't work well.

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