The UPC is a public university that connects talented students, innovative entrepreneurs, scholars and open-minded people. To make an ecosystem truly unique, a digital platform MyUPC is developed. A core feature of the ecosystem is the ability to change intellectual asset in physical ones immediately, as well as a FaceBook messenger chatbot system.

Knowledge As An Intellectual Asset

Knowledge is an asset namely an intangible asset that hasn't been monetised yet. Universities credit students with notes, the motivation is low for the majority though. Some students are nominated with scholarships but the amount is limited. Thus, many students don't even try to compete and therefore don't study hard. The educational path is long, students want to be rewarded now.

To motivate students work harder in the long-term universities are expected to restructure their rewarding system . If a student prepared well for today's exam, the efforts have to be reimbursed with what a student really needs and wants today.

UPCoin is an ecosystem that transfers knowledge to physical assets. UPCoin redesigns the attitude towards learning and investing in the educational path.

In the UPCoin ecosystem students:

  • Prepare hard for exams
  • Get hight scores
  • Collect UPCoin
  • Change them to the most wanted items
  • Have a motivation to work harder

The digital ecosystem integrates all services provided by the university (navigation, education, transportation, communication) and complements it with a unique functionality of transferring intellectual assets to physical ones.

Knowledge As An Exchange Rate

UPCoin is an ecosystem that connects students, tutors and vendors operating in the university (canteen, bookstore, activity). When a student is registered in the ecosystem, the curricular is uploaded to the Personal Page. The number of courses taken as well as grades received is shown. Based on this a student is nominated with UPCcoin according to its exchange rate.

The Principe of a billing system is applied to the project. As exams are passed and grades are given, the amount of UPCoin is calculated. The amount of UPCoin is indicated in the My UPCoins section giving a Balance.

After the total amount of UPCoins collected is calculated, students can buy preferred items. Thus, in the canteen, the price for a cup of coffee is shown in EUR and in UPCoin. A student transfers the amount of UPCoins needed to a vendor's account and receives a cup of coffee, T-Shirt, Book or other item that is distributed in the ecosystem.

Know How Much

The ecosystem motivates students to work harder as they can assess the result they get from physical assets ( lunch, books, tickets). A person's ability to delay gratification has decreased in the digitalised world with an increased temptation to consume. Marketing experts are using people's weaknesses to buy and therefore increase the willingness to spend instead of saving. For this and other reasons the necessity to remunerate positive intentions increases.

UPCoin establishes an ecosystem with renumeration for each passed exam. Thus, good notes in a short-term are remunerated with merchandising that motivates students to work hard. As a result, they are working hard and get high scores in the long-term.

Know What Do You Know

MyUPC is a digital information platform that integrates all services in one webpage. After 'logging in' as a student the web service gives an access to all services: Maps, News, Accommodation, Events, Timetable, Shop etc.

UPCoin is integrated into the platform. UPCoin balance is calculated based on multiplication of credit and grade uploaded information. The information has to be uploaded as an excel file to be parsed by an algorithms to calculate total UPCoin balance.

After the total balance is calculated QR-code is generated automatically. This QR-code is to be scanned by the vendor and credits will be written off.

Inside The Platform

The beta-version is built with Node.js, ejs, html, css. Psychological models for internal and external motivation are used in the project.

There Is Always Something To Learn

We explored the billing system that is to be upgraded in the future. The QR as a transferring gateway was analysed and is to be implemented. It was complicated to developed a full version, it's on its way.

Knowledge Is The Knowledge

We successfully implemented database system to track the accomplishments and information structure patterns. Website map was developed according to basic principles.

Is MyUPC Yours?

MyUPC platform is expected to become the first source of information for freshers. UPCoin is to be upgraded for the real-time exchange rate (EUR to UPCoin) calculation. Moreover, horizontal UPCoin transfer among students (Student2student) is to be added to the current vertical (Professor2Student) to engage students in project work and collaboration on scientific topics.

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