Actually, several towns in Europe use a property coin for generate a community advantages. Barcelona is trying to implement a town currency. This cases help us to transform UPC Campus in to a little town community for take the advantages of a property political economy.

What it does

UPCoin creates an incentive to students for collaborating in UPC Campus and for the efforts of good marks.

This UPCoin is a currency, controlled and regulated by UPC Government and of course is only available for UPC Students.

With this coins, there are several services which can be applied such as:

  • Pay university fees

  • Buying products and assets from the stores located in the campus.

  • Join the fitness center for a limited time.

  • Increase printing quotas.

  • Book rooms.

  • Transfer coins with classmates for their help and support.

  • ...

Supposition: 1 UPC Coin = 1 Euro, and it's backed by real money, that the UPC wants to invest in this purpose in order to increase demand and offer an innovative service for students.

How we built it

We used NEM blockchain, taking advantage of Nano Wallet as a base to implement the system.

Then, created the namespace UPC. Once created the namespace, we have created the following assets:

  • upc:coin : asset to be sent as money
  • upc:validated : asset to set an account as valid [not transferable]
  • upc:denied: asset to set an account as invalid [not transferable]

We also have integrated Racó FIB login system using the new API, in order to guarantee the integration with the university services.

Benefits of using Blockchain

  • Security: Built on a secure blockchain environment, UPCoin uses NEM as the core of his platform, we have worked on the platform so is based on “security first”.

  • Control: UPC can give privileges to the users and send assets.

  • Social: Each user has the capacity to spend send their assets with others.

  • Scalable: Created to manage a high quantity of users without losing performance

  • Efficiency: Platform is created in high availability for users to operate whenever they want.

  • Auditable: Users are able to review any transaction and registration in the NEM blockchain giving always veracity of operations.

  • Decentralized: Always available.

What we learned

  • NEM Blockchain
  • Mosaic
  • Assets

What's next for UPCoin

UPCoin it's one coin, but there are endless possibilities to use it.

UPC should do mature reflection to increase demand, control money and offer innovative services to their community, and choose in which way they want to allow UPCoin.

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